SwiffOut is a free browser addon that enable you to play flash games as if they were desktop games. Yep !

Pick up the version for your favorite browser :

Keeps games fast

SwiffOut is not a game maximizer. Resizing flash games makes them slower.
SwiffOut pick the best possible resolution for your game and adjust the game to it.

Gorgeous full screen

SwiffOut hides the browser, the taskbar and all windows UI while playing and deliver a gorgeous full screen as good as a desktop game.

Press a button and play

SwiffOut is smart and automatically detect what is an ad and what is a game. (Well most of the time, he can also be stupid sometimes )

Premium feature: Advanced game masking

This feature performs advanced game hiding like flashblock while playing fullscreen. It's nicer that the free SwiffOut which uses a temporary page to hide games.
If it doesn't please you, I'll refund your purchase, and you can keep it anyway.

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